Cove Animal Rescue is located at 40 Shore Road, Glen Cove   We are an animal welfare group.  Our Board is all volunteers.


The City of Glen Cove provides us with the building, heat and electricity, incidentals, and a monthly stipend.  Generous as that is, it does not meet our expenses, and we raise funds for staffing to care for the animals, as well as for medical care and food.  If you are interested in helping with fund raising, please contact us at 676-5913


You can also volunteer to spend time with the animals.  You must be 16 or over to volunteer.  14 to 16 year olds may come if an adult comes with them.


If interested, come to the shelter, fill out an application and tell a manager about how you would like to help.  Let us know about any previous experience or qualifications and the time that you have available to donate.

All of the animals love human contact and attention and it greatly increases their chances of being adopted!

Thank YOU!

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We are reaching our goal of a cage free environment for our animals!  In the picture above,Opie enjoys play time in the outdoor runs that were completed last Fall.  This exercise area, and the great training by Kathy Deecken and Jared Rodriguez, has helped to make our dogs highly adoptable!  Opie recently joined a family with two little dogs; He goes to work every day with his human and comes home at night to be with the entire family

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40 Shore Road, Glen Cove, NY 11542

We are a 501(c)3 not-for-profit Charity

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