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Our mission is to increase the adoptability of homeless dogs
and cats through training, socialization and improved surroundings that facilitate transition to a home environment.

Cove Animal Rescue (CAR) is a not-for-profit organization that strives for a cage-free environment to help eliminate the fear and stresses that make an animal difficult to present for adoption. CAR has expanded the shelter, creating a cage-free, colony-like wing for the cats that includes windows, sky lights and cat doors that lead to a screened-in area. The floor surface was selected for easy cleaning. Climbing structures were added for fun, along with chairs for visitors. CAR also has completed the construction of beautiful outdoor play areas for the dogs.

CAR has accepted local feral kittens, socialized and neutered them, then successfully adopted them out to loving homes. Unsocialized adults are neutered and returned to their original location in an effort to control this population.

Our Board

The Cove Animal Rescue Board is comprised of individuals with varied professional and managerial experiences and of diverse backgrounds. The Board is supported by advisory committees for specific issues related to animal welfare. Our Board members are Janine Fakiris, Dayna Connolly, Stefan Geiringer, Brian Glennon, Yelena Janosick, Michael Labbate, Alex Pappas, and Marilyn Rose.


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