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Give Them a Second Chance

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Give Them a Second Chance

Your donations help us make a difference in all of our pets' lives. Your generous donations enable Cove Animal Rescue
to continue providing safe refuge for lost, stray, and abandoned animals in our community. We appreciate anything 
you are able to contribute! Thank you!

Monthly giving provides dependable support to the animals that need it most. Join our monthly givers today by selecting from the options to the right.

Monthly Giving



If you are unable to adopt, you can still make a difference in the life of a homeless animal.

Through our Sponsor-A-Pet program, you can support one or more of our adoptable pets and
help us defray the costs of sheltering, feeding
and providing day-to-day care for the animals at
Cove Animal Rescue. Please choose one of the options to the right to donate to our Sponsor-A-Pet program monthly.

Other Ways to Give

Consider making a Memorial Gift, 
a gift that lasts forever when made
in memory of a loved one, pet, friend
or milestone event.

Consider making an Honorary Gift, one that lasts forever when made in honor of a loved one, a pet, friend or milestone event.

Tiny kittens need extra care until they are ready to be adopted.  Consider a Foster Gift to help
them while they wait for homes.

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