Frequently Asked Questions

Does the shelter accept cats? Is there a TNR program?Does the shelter accept cats? Is there a TNR program?

When space allows, the shelter will accept a neutered pet cat from a resident of Glen Cove with proof of prior veterinary care billed to that Glen Cove resident's Glen Cove address. Owners should attempt to adopt out their pet cat from their home as that is where the cat will make its best presentation. Once at the shelter, they will compete with 100 other cats seeking a home. The owner is in the best position to speak about the great personality of their pet. A faithful pet deserves its owners' best efforts to find a new home when the owner can no longer care for that pet. The shelter does NOT accept FERAL cats to be housed at the shelter. CAR thanks the City of Glen Cove as they have approved funding for a TNR program- The shelter can provide traps to catch ferals for scheduled neutering days, but note that the ferals will not be alllowed to stay at the shelter-- they will be RETURNED and RELEASED to the location where found.

What do I do if I find a stray dog?

Cove Animal Rescue accepts, and cares for, dogs found within the City of Glen Cove. [Dogs found within the Town of Oyster Bay, must be brought to the TOB shelter located on the north side of the westbound service road in Syosset. If the TOB shelter is closed, you are to go to the Town of HEMPSTEAD shelter which is open 24/7. ​​ If you find a dog within the City of Glen Cove, you have broader services available. You may bring the dog to the shelter; but if found after hours, please notify the Glen Cove Police Department and an Animal Control Officer can be notified.
If the dog is not friendly, or you are not comfortable with bringing the dog to the shelter, your call must go directly to the Glen Cove Police Department. Under appropriate circumstances, the GCPD will arrange for the dog to be picked up by the Dog Control Officer. State laws are such that only designated authorities can "impound" a dog. Cove Animal Rescue is notified so that we can accept the dog from the proper authority, prepare a space with food, water and bedding, scan for a chip and photograph the dog for posting on Facebook to assist in finding the owner. Cove Animal Rescue cares for these dogs and, after 7 days, may look to place the dog for adoption. Avoid any problems by following Glen Cove City law... LICENSE your dogs and have them wear proper identification at all times. We all want them to find their home.

What should I do if my pet is lost?

1. Call Cove Animal Rescue to see if your pet has been brought there and to leave information in case the pet is brought to Cove Animal Rescue. 676-5913 Bring a picture of your pet 2. Post a picture of your pet on Face Book and send it to the Facebook page of Cove Animal Rescue 3. Check with your mail carrier or regular, area workers. Show them a photo 4. Create flyers for posting 5. Ask local merchants if you can post a picture in window, or on bulletin board 6. Check areas where there is outdoor food- garbage pails, dumpsters 7. Leave your cell phone number so you can be reached while out searching

What should I do if my pet is at Cove Animal Rescue?

You need to provide the following documentation & follow the following actions: 1. Proof of ownership (example- a photo, vet records, dog license) 2. Proof of current rabies vaccination (call your vet and it can be faxed to us OR call the shelter and arrange to have it administered, by a Veterinarian, at your cost. 3. Come to the shelter and pick up the form that states how long the dog has been at the shelter. Bring this to the Glen Cove City Clerk (between 9-5) and pay the State required impound fee. Bring your proof of payment back to shelter. 4. You may also have to purchase a dog license from the Glen Cove City clerk. Call the Clerk's office for fee information. Licensed dogs MUST be picked up within 7 days of being notified of the dog being at the shelter OR the owner will have forfeited ownership and the dog may be placed and made available for adoption.
Cove Animal Rescue is a 501(c) (3) non-profit that cares for your pet while at the shelter. All donations are greatly appreciated.

What is the adoption process?

1. Come to visit the shelter. 2. You might fall in love with someone completely different from your pre-conceived ideas!
We welcome several visits to be sure you feel it is a good match. 3. Dogs must be walked together with a kennel worker or one of our trainers. 4. Once you commit to a particular pet, you can fill out an application. You need to provide personal references (a veterinarian if you currently use one) and a Landlord contact number if you rent. These references will be checked and your application will be reviewed. 5. Cove Animal Rescue tries to make the BEST match for a particular animal. It is NOT "first come, first served." But if one animal is not a good match, another one may be just right!

What if I change my mind after adoption?

An animal from Cove Animal Rescue can always be returned to Cove Animal Rescue.